with Tidal Aesthetics

At Tidal Aesthetics, guests visit my day spa to escape the stress and anxiety of the 'real world' with nurturing wellness treatments and expert skin therapy guidance. Lights are dim, soothing music plays and heavenly aromas fill the air. It's about as far removed from the painful reality of domestic violence as one can get.

With skin therapy, I focus on therapy as it pertains to skin – to state the obvious. But “therapy” is a broad term referring to a range of healing treatments for mind, body and soul. There is a strong correlation between high levels of stress, how it physically affects our bodies and can then manifest itself through our skin. As such, my clients’ overall wellness is as much of a consideration as their skin health, and I strive to help them find empowered healing. 

It is in working closely with women everyday that I encounter recognizable signs of high-level stress and stories of abuse regularly. With domestic violence being such an expansive and relatively nuanced subject, although I am not a physician or licensed therapist, I am a survivor of domestic abuse, and an advocate for victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse (find me on TikTok @empoweredhealing), thus I am well versed in the telltale signs of both physical and emotional abuse, as well as how to escape and heal from that experience.

Seeking help from a domestic violence shelter may feel uncomfortable, scary and overwhelming to victims, so at Tidal Aesthetics I offer a safe space to find education, support, help, resources and healing.

You don’t have to be a victim or survivor of abuse, however, to enjoy the benefits of Tidal Aesthetics’ skincare and wellness treatments. With today’s high stress lifestyles, there is a service for everyone to benefit from on my menu. If, however, you or someone you know is or has been a victim of domestic abuse, please know you have a safe place to find validation, help and healing at Tidal Aesthetics Integrative Healing Spa.